SETTE AFK – Talking about “I/O SIDE” Album


I/O SIDE is born from a deep self-analysis and the necessity to have fun.


A therapeuthic process that aims at moving my priorities, like a tetris game, to create space that can be filled by pure and simple auto enjoyment: finding the spot betweek two clock needles to do something that you like.


Doing something by and for myself only was a need growing daily. I needed to stay away from every social dynamic connected to music even if it has no negative effect on my life. I wanted to have nothing to do for some time with studying, teaching, producing and every other aspectec that can relate to US instead of ME.


I am a Musical Schizophrenic since a long time ago. I had been roaming around with bands processing music genres ranging from metal, classic guitar, reggae, jazz to genres that i can’t even give a name to. I brought this melting-pot in these songs: a twist of everything that i wanted to hear, something by and for myself only.


I even tried to do something mainstream, but trap is not something I want to handle right now. So I became a Punk in a Suit that listen to Nofx, while being badly seen from “cool” people because I support Dvorak.


The album gives what I want to receive: a powerful emotional push stuffed with little nostalgic candies.

Even if I live my life in a precarious balance between Irony and Cynicism, I avoided the “Life is shit, yo bro I live in the street” slipstream that saturate the text of lot of contemporary songs.


W8 “Life is in color”......


 You will find these words a step further in the album, but they contain the meaning of my work.


 What I want you to hear right now is “Hello World 1964”: this is the easies track. It seeps my nerdy side, indeed it has been written on my laptop in an E-Sport Bar. I started the composition just as a relaxing activity. Then I understood how good this was to me when I heard it growing in the studio. Something written while having fun with friends (and some drinks too) sounded so good and satysfing.


This is why I decided to use this track as my opening: like an old computer in 1964 writing his first words, I say “Hello World”.


 It is “thanks” to this computer if everyone of us holds a smartphone in his pocket, regardless of how we use it. Technology is neutral afterall, like a chair: it stays there and its up to us to use it to sit or to break our neighbour head.


 So please don’t use the technology to listen to °Hello World 1964” from the smartphone speaker while sitting on a public transport. If this track is good, you would ruin it. It it is bad, you would ruin other people’s day. Get your headphones or you hi-fi, turn the volume up and allow me to introduce myself. My Work. My Needs.


Sette AFK


Sette AFK is the actual primary effort of the Italian Produces and Composer Adriano Vecchio. Adriano Vecchio studied 12 years of Jazz and Classical Guitar. Then he got a degree in Electronic Composition and new technology at “Giuseppe Verdi di Torino” Conservatory.


Insomnia brought him to be able to play Didjeridoo and other weird instruments, on top of the most widespread ones.

He teaches composition and musical armony. He is also producer of various bands in the north-west of Italy.

He is a graduate student of Art-Therapy.


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